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At Kyros Nutrition, our mission is rooted in a transformative vision: to redefine the approach to daily wellness through precision nutrition. Our journey began in the leading nutritional medicine clinics across the UK, where in-depth blood testing uncovered a widespread issue – an array of essential nutrients was missing in people’s diets, crucial for cellular health. The problem was the market was filled with inadequate supplement products that fell short when tested at the cellular level, despite their claims.

The stark reality we faced was this: clients burdened with consuming 15-20 capsules daily, a routine impractical for most and a cumbersome necessity even for the highly dedicated, like elite athletes and top executives who had teams to support them. Time and time again we were asked to reduce it to the top few supplements clients could take and still get benefits. This challenge ignited our mission.

Redefining Supplements


Our mission was clear: to simplify wellness. Fuelled by thousands of clinical research hours, extensive biomedical blood profile analyses, and a breadth of real-world experience encompassing Fortune 500 companies, ultra-high net-worth visionaries, world champion athletes, and vivacious octogenarians we dedicated ourselves to creating the ultimate solution. Over two years, our journey of development and testing, replete with numerous iterations, culminated in the meticulous formulation of a product that truly delivers. It provides the right nutrients in their most effective forms and doses, all intricately tailored to work in synergy to Rebuild, Replenish, and Refine your cells. 

Leading by Example


Kyros Nutrition emerges from the collective expertise of industry luminaries Aidan Goggins, Ben Williams, and Gideon Remfry, renowned for their pioneering work in elite sports, nutritional wellness, and healthy aging. Our founders are vanguards in healthspan promotion, innovating global solutions and policies. At the heart of our ethos is Optimal Cellular Nutrition, formulated by pharmacist and medical nutritionist Aidan Goggins. Beginning his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Goggins has become an award-winning authority in the supplement industry. His international best-selling books on diet and nutrition reflect over a decade-long journey, acting as an independent voice to both the supplement industry and the media, advocating the transformative power of correct nutrient use for optimal wellness.

Our commitment to excellence is paramount. provenance of our product adheres to the highest standards, from meticulous ingredient sourcing to production under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. We proudly hold Certification to Informed Sport®, meeting the rigorous demands of professional athletes governed by strict supplement and nutritional product regulations. Our dedication extends beyond production, with rigorous post-production testing ensuring that everyone benefits from the pinnacle of Optimal Cellular Performance

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