The Science.

Daily Grind

Navigating the demands of the daily grind while striving for health and wellness is a challenge we all face. It’s a delicate balance that demands more than just surface solutions. At Kyros Nutrition, we’ve delved into the depths of this challenge, uncovering insights that redefine what it means to achieve true health and performance.

The stress of modern life, described by the World Health Organisation as a pervasive health epidemic, affects us all. It’s not merely about the exhaustion we feel at the end of a long day; it’s about the unseen, continuous toll on our body at a cellular level. Daily, we encounter ‘hidden stressors’ – lifestyle misalignments, dietary issues, intense physical exertion, environmental pollutants. Each day, these stressors chip away at our body’s resilience, producing harmful byproducts called free radicals which push us towards a state of vital exhaustion. This isn’t just about feeling drained; it’s a profound fatigue that affects our mental and physical performance, paving the way for a myriad of health issues that impact our quality of life.


Our Journey at Kyros Nutrition has been driven by a single, powerful realisation: true health is rooted at the cellular level. Our team, with decades of experience working with exclusive clientele, ranging from sporting icons and showbiz stars to corporate leaders, has gained firsthand insights into how different forms of stress, both physical and psychological, can impact individuals in varied ways.

The privilege of working with high net worth clients for whom cost was no barrier meant access to the most advanced laboratory testing, far beyond what is measured in standard clinical studies. We delved deep into the realms of metabolic, cellular stress, and nutrition testing. These investigations revealed a universal truth across all demographics: optimal cellular function hinged on many lifestyle facets, but critically we could pinpoint a spectrum of critical nutrients which are currently missing from modern diets, that are essential for working in unison to keep our cells primed, resilient, and robust.


Our response to this revelation was clear and uncompromising. We recognized the need to develop a solution that meets the universal need for deep, cellular nourishment in the modern world.

The result was the birth of Optimal Cellular Performance. Born out of decades of unique experiences and expertise and two years of clinical development. Three Lifechanging Capsules deliver nutrients in a tiered effect; starting at the very depths of our cells influencing their structure and function from the inside out to work in synergy to Rebuild, Replenish, and Refine your cells.




Three Lifechanging Capsules deliver nutrients in a tiered effect; starting at the very depths of our cells influencing their structure and function from the inside out to work in synergy to Rebuild, Replenish, and Refine your cells.


with Vital Nutrients

Our next-generation multivitamin provides 14 bioactive vitamins, minerals, dietary antioxidants, and adaptogens. These components are meticulously chosen to rebuild the cell structure and restore defences.


with Optimised Polyphenols

A blend of nutritious plants providing a proprietary combination of Longvida® enhanced turmeric and Pomella® pomegranate to support the replenishment of the body’s naturally produced antioxidants, enhancing cellular fitness and increasing resilience against stress.


with Essential Fats

Our ultrapure, premium Omega 3 fish oil delivers 700 mg of EPA and DHA fatty acids. These essential fats are crucial for nourishing cell membranes and improving cell communications, refining the overall function and health of your cells.

Real Word

13 % Reduction in Damaging Cell Stress

Optimal Cellular Performance has been rigorously tested in real-world settings. Daily exposure to stressors compromise the body’s adaptive resilience, leading to cellular damage through a process known as oxidative stress.

This results in a gradual decrease in physical and mental capacity.

Kyros Nutrition

We are at the forefront of oxidative stress testing in the UK, utilising the clinically validated d-ROMS (Reactive Oxygen Metabolites) test in-house. This test measures hydroperoxides, which are products of cell damage and early-stage indicators of oxidative stress affecting entire physiological systems.


Widely recognised as the most reliable indicator of oxidative stress and can detect the adverse effects of various lifestyle factors, including overexertion, circadian misalignment, excessive caloric intake, poor diet quality, and sedentary lifestyle. They are also important in assessing chronic disease risk.

Clinical Research

Emerging clinical research supports the prognostic capability of d-ROMS for chronic disease risk. Measuring these metabolites offers valuable insights for early detection and intervention, promoting optimal wellness now and fortifying defences against future disease.


In repeated tests, the consumption of Kyros Nutrition’s Optimal Cellular Performance showed a significant reduction in d-ROM measures, averaging 13% in just 30 days.

Furthermore, we employed the proprietary PAT (Phosphate Adjusted Biological Antioxidant Potential) test, which provides essential insights into plasma antioxidant defences against oxidative stress. This test is a measure of our body’s innate and dietary antioxidant levels.

Repeated PAT measurements showed that the consuption of Optimal Cellular Performance increased PAT measures by an average of 7% in 30 days.